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Dirk Hirthe über die neue F-Tuba ELEKTRA

Prof. Dirk Hirthe (Karlsruhe, Germany) demonstrates the sound potential and virtuosity of Miraphone's brand new F Tuba model 481 "Elektra". With the 1st movement from Anthony Plog's "Three Miniatures" and the 2nd movement of Bruce Broughton's sonata for tuba Dirk Hirthe shows us the entire scope of the vast possibilities with Miraphone's latest addition to the high-end tuba line. Viewers get an insight into the intricate research & design process preceding the release of the "Elektra" F tuba as well as some excerpts from Miraphone's manufacturing methods, which blend traditional hand craft and modern technology into a unique mastery of German brass instrument making.
The new tuba model 481 "Elektra" was introduced to the public for the first time in early 2015.